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We are always looking for people to come and help out at the cattery and adoption centre. We try to resist calling this role 'kitten cuddling', as there is a bit more to it, but alot of your time will be spent cwtching with our temporary residents.

You must be over 20 due to insurance restrictions and must be able to drive and travel to the Rumney area of Cardiff.

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If you're attending a volunteer recruitment day, please print and fill in this form to bring with you on the day and ensure you have familiarised yourself with the cattery rules.

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Our rescue teams capture and collect stray, sick, injured and feral cats and kittens using safe, up to date trapping equipment.

Rescuing feral cats often involves visiting remote locations and working late in the evening. For this reason our rescue teams always work in groups of at least 2.

To join our rescue teams you would need to be over the age of 18 and preferably able to drive.

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Many of the cats and kittens that are with us waiting for their forever homes stay with our network of foster carers. This could simply be because the cattery and adoption centre is full, or could be because the particular cat or kitten requires special attention. Some of the cats or kittens that come to us are unsocialised and not used to human contact and a foster home gives them the chance to get used to a household setting.

To provide a foster home you would need to be in Cardiff or the surrounding area and would need to complete a home check.

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The most important thing that we always need help with is fundraising. We have several events every year which we need help with organising and we also need people onboard to devise new and innovative ways to raise funds.

Events we use and have used in the past for fundraising include: Summer & Winter Fayres, Shows and Party Evenings, Skydiving, Cake Making, Bucket Shaking, Stalls and Boot Sales.

If you have any ideas, or would like to help please get in touch.

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